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Naruto 597 Spoilers, Shonen Jump 38 Cover

News from the next chapter and the cover from the new Shonen Jump has been released.

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tayz3651d ago

omg my condition is acting up again... the epicitas!!!


now i want to see the face! plz show it to us kishi!!

deep_fried_bum_cake3650d ago

Why would you submit this under that title. Now I have to struggle not to look at this until the next chapter releases.

I already clicked the link twice and closed it straight away.

tayz3650d ago

what do u mean, whats the spoiler? we know he got his sharingan from somewhere even.. anime only ppl know it so its not a spoiler at all.

crxss3650d ago

597 is already out...

deep_fried_bum_cake3650d ago

That the reveal is in the next chapter and I also though the article might state how he got it because of the way you've changed the title from the original, so I haven't read it.

JAMurida3650d ago

Every article that has the word "Naruto" in it I always see you has the first poster, lol. Not trying to knock you or anything, just funny how it's like that.

tayz3650d ago

hehehehe one may call me the Shinbun Flash! kukukukuuk!

Qrphe3650d ago

I like how we've more or less known this for 5 yrs lol

wishingW3L3650d ago

but Obito got crushed, he only had one eye left. The one he gave to Kakashi.

auen13650d ago

you don't know his other eye was crushed though. it could have just been his torso or his leg and midsection. if the boulder had reached as high as the left part of his head he probably would have died right away.

Simon_Brezhnev3650d ago

Well im not surprised. I just hope Tobi identity surprises me.

Taemin3649d ago

i hope tobi is obito. more drama for kakashi