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Japan Fans Name The Anime Most Likely To Convert You Into An Otaku

The protagonist of Welcome to the N.H.K. posited that Japan's semi-public NHK TV network produced high quality anime like Nadia Secret of Blue Water in a conspiracy to turn Japan's youth into pliable otaku.

In a new free-for-all Biglobe poll, almost 6 thousand readers named the anime they thought were most liable to do the trick and turn viewers into otaku.

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Simon_Brezhnev3879d ago

I like anime but i dont consider myself an Otaku. I watch japanese anime, Korean and Chinese TV shows, US tv shows/cartoons, and some British tv shows. LOL

wishingW3L3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

my first anime was Gatchaman (or G-Force in the US). I watched it everyday in the morning before going to school at like 5am, and Saint Seiya too. And then Ranma 1/2, Slam Dunk, Tekkaman Blade and Samurai X, but these 4 were only during the weekend mornings. So many memories... Too bad they don't broadcast a single anime on local tv anymore. ;_;

Blacktric3878d ago

Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X FTW!