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Best Anime of the 2000s

Flawfinder writes: "Okay, just like I said. With a worst list comes a best list. Like the worst list, it’s in alphabetical order (barring the best on the list), it doesn’t include specials, it only includes anime I’ve seen from beginning to end (so no Death Note or Gintama), and it will be updated once I get around to watching some of the great anime the early 2000s gave us. And keep in mind that some of these I agree are overrated, but just because they’re overrated doesn’t mean I don’t love them, so tough break. Also, the anime must have a “9 or 10″ on my MAL list to qualify. So let’s look at them."

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Simon_Brezhnev2998d ago

List is ok but some of them not even from the 2000s.

frjoethesecond2997d ago

This guy's worst list sucked. This list isn't much better TBH.