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Shangri-La Part 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Shangri-La Part 1 introduces us to a world with plenty of issues hauntingly similar to what we’ve experienced in real life. Not only is the premise of global warming weighing on the world now, with the hottest summer in North America ever, but the war between Atlas and Metal Age bears a striking resemblance to recent protests in the US. To make things even more eerie, two years after the anime aired Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

As for the series itself, the complex storyline and various connections the plot has to real life events make for an enjoyable viewing experience. While only Part 1 has been released so far, it is fairly evident that the complex web of storylines spun in Shangri-La may quickly turn into a tangled storyline full of plot holes. Still, Shangri-La Part 1 offers engaging characters unlike what most anime viewers are accustomed to while also offering a compelling, albeit convoluted, story."

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coaidant2998d ago

7.5? So it's good right?

koga882998d ago

I once tried to watch this show but I couldn't get too interested in the show as a whole thanks to the convolution. Now that I think back about it, it is very creepy how the show is based on a earthquake destroyed japan...