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It’s Time for a Grown Up JRPG

Scott Colby:

I sure do love me some turn-based Japanese RPG’s. I’ve spent more time with the Final Fantasy and Persona games than I care to think about. There’s just something thrilling about the process of assessing an enemy, checking the condition of your party, issuing orders, and then watching how the next round plays out. Maybe it’s the suspense of waiting to see if your next attack is going to be effective. Maybe it’s the fear of getting caught by some huge counter-assault that leaves your party beaten and bloodied. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it all, given that such systems typically provide the player with ample time to plan his next few moves or to drink a beer without having to push pause. Whatever the attraction, the turn-based battle system is a tried-and-true mechanic that’s survived since the very beginning of gaming.

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