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Anime Say! Episode 16 - Best Anime Fights

Luke Halliday writes:

"Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! This week, I dive into the latest news in the world of anime as well as discuss my favourite anime fights of all time. So sit back and relax and get ready for a extra long episode of Anime Say!"

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koga882984d ago

I'd have to certainly agree that the battle between Yusuke and Elder Toguro is one of my favorite fights of all time, it. Then again any fight with lots of fan service in it is usually something that pleases me, which makes the current season's show Dakara boku-ha H ga Dekinai a pleasing one for me.

spartan112g2984d ago

I also love the final fight in Scryed.

LinkageAX2984d ago

Spike vs. Viscious is another really good one.