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Do Japanese And Westerners Have Different Taste In Men? This Game Thinks So.

Brian Ashcraft:

The Japanese love simulator Be My Princess just got a re-release. The game now looks different. Very, very different.

Be My Princess, which is for Android and iOS, brands itself as a “royal romance”. Here’s the title’s description:

You, a normal university student, have an unexpected encounter with a prince on a street corner. He invites you to a party where you meet the princes of six nations. You soon find you are on intimate terms…
A future king, carrying the fate of his country, and you. What will be the fate of your love?
When the game first launched in the West, it had the original Japanese game graphics. The Be My Princess bucks looked like the ones you’d traditionally find in Japanese love simulators or boys’ love games — slim, delicate and handsome.

Since Be My Princess was relaunched, it was scrubbed of all its anime-style hunks in favour of more photo realistic studs. The story and the background music were not changed. The Japanese version, however, kept the anime men.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2978d ago

Being a heterosexual male, I can't really give my opinion on peoples taste in men but it just seems here to be idiots panicking and westernising the game and that has nothing to do with peoples taste.

Flavor2978d ago

Japanese concepts of beauty can be very creepy, just look at the headshots outside any host/hostess bar in Ginza