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PES: Have You Seen the Toyota Anime?

Mihnea Radu:

We don’t think you’re really ready for this. Toyota, the same company that makes a sober and serious cars (for boring people), has made an anime, one of Japanese cartoon series.

It’s called Peace Eco Smile, or PES for short, and it’s about PES, a traveller from space, and NaSuBi, a mysterious life-form who is enamored by the charm of Earth.

Each week, Toyota has been releasing a new episode, and all are obviously centric around being green. Can you guess what sort of cars they drive in this strange fictional creation? Yes, a bunch of Toyotas, most notably the regular Prius Liftback and the new Prius C subcompact hybrid hatch.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3860d ago

I hate that guys hair so much. I like the song in the 7th video though.