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Freezing Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

" While many people can simply look at a show like Freezing and instantly pass it up because they don’t like fan service, they would still be missing out on a rather enjoyable storyline focused on a who has built a wall between her heart and everyone around her with high levels of action in every episode. Of course the fan service is very strong in this one so those who don’t appreciate lots of bare breasts in their anime may want to steer clear. For fan service fans however, this show is busting through its top with quality that shouldn’t be missed."

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koga882981d ago

A fan service show after my own heart. While Ikki Tousen and Sekirei may be pretty good with their fighting, this one at least makes it seem a bit realistic as the fights actually tend to get quit brutal.

Of course the massive amounts of fan service certainly help things along... shame that it sounds like the male cast wasn't all that

koga882981d ago

Also great to see a reviewer not put off by the high levels of fan service in the show like most of them do nowadays.

LinkageAX2981d ago

Nothing wrong with fan-service.