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Tsuritama Original Soundtrack – Review | Anime Instrumentality

Anime Instrumentality writes: "Amidst the eccentric amalgam of Tsuritama’s three plot points, its music stands out as a testament to the Kuricorder Quartet’s ability to delight listeners. Their melodies encompass the whimsical oddities the show doles out in spades and remind us of the same sort of delight we got from Kuricorder’s head honcho’s, quirky, but fun score for Azumanga Daioh. The cheery feelings that emanate from Azumanga remain in Tsuritama’s soundtrack. Its mixture of breezy and energetic sounds featuring varied instruments like the recorder, flute, guitar and ukulele, immerses us superbly into the seashores of the laid-back town of Enoshima, and I daresay it’s one of the more memorable soundtracks released so far this year."

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