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Manga cartoonist permits anyone to use his work, royalty-free

Japanese manga artists Shuho Sato is to allow anyone to use and adapt his work for commercial or non-commercial purposes without having to pay royalties.

The award-winning author of Say Hello to Black Jack -- who has sold more than ten million copies of his manga (and therefore benefited from existing copyright law) -- is interested in finding alternatives to the "stale" traditional model of intellectual property rights.

From 15 September, anyone in the world will be free to novelise, translate, televise, create merchandise or apps or adapt the original work -- i.e. secondary or derivative use -- without risk of being sued. Sato is not making his work copyright-free, rather he has pledged not to enforce the copyright.

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Flavor2978d ago

Okay, so he uses the massive distribution and promotion machinery of a traditional publisher for years, including paid assistants, then, when the industry falls off a cliff due to manga basically becoming a free non-commodity like sunlight or air, he decides to go magic pony and embrace der future.

Way to go out on a limb, Sato!

Archaic2977d ago

I wonder how many people will actually make use of this opportunity properly.