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Higurash no Naku Koroni Kai Part 2 Review | Capsule Computers

"The Watanagashi festival of the town Hinamizawa has had some rather disturbing events associated with it over the last four years. Each year a person has been found dead and another has disappeared entirely.

In the year of 1983 a boy named Keiichi moves into town and is assimilated into a club full of girls of varying ages. However, through this group, he is lead into a town full of mystery. What is the curse placed on the village, why do people die and go missing during the time of the festival? This is only something that you will learn by watching the series." - Capsule Computers

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masterabbott3860d ago

Interesting anime, i might check this one out.

LinkageAX3860d ago

Glad you guys got a review up for this, it deserves much more recognition than it receives.