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Naruto 599 Reveals Tobi's Identity

Tobi's Identity now officially revealed in chapter 599 of Naruto

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Simon_Brezhnev3634d ago

Yeah i read it and im dropping the manga now.

I just know there is a major plot hole but kishi will come up with some bs to explain it.

Adva3633d ago

El oh el.
You must be one of those people that say "If a story doesn't go the way I think it should, because I have been reading something for a very long time and I know everything that should go on in the universe, it's crap."

The universe doesn't revolve around your camp. The write will write as he sees fit. It's HIS story, not yours.

x5exotic3633d ago

Fanboy alert.

No, he did create a load of plot holes with this chapter. It isn't about the story revolving around my "camp" but about it being absolute shit since the war started

Lord_Sloth3633d ago

Hatake Kakashi was 26 years old at the start of Naruto.
Uzumaki Naruto was 12.

Subtract 12 from 26 and you have 14. Minato was attacked by an adult Tobi already at a ridiculous strength. Your ages don't add up!

Besides, how could Obito have used his eye for Izanagi if Kakashi had the damned thing!? Both of Shisui's eyes were destroyed.

And wouldn't he be blinded from using the Mangekyou for so many years without the Eternal? And if he had the Eternal, wouldn't it look different from Kakashi's Mangekyou?

I love Naruto, I really do, but this was the dumbest plot twist I've seen in years.

Raf1k13633d ago

All we know so far is it's Obito's body. The guy hasn't said a word since getting his mask broken and to be honest there's been a lot of deception in story from the beginning. Lots of people can easily make themselves look like someone else or even take over another persons body.

It's too early to be dropping it IMO. Lots of people who say they're going to drop it will end up reading it next week anyway.

Simon_Brezhnev3633d ago

I never said the story didnt revolve around me. You must be a Narutard. I never made a prediction on Tobi identity it just shouldnt had been Obito. Kishi said it himself in a recent interview everybody would surprised.

Naruto's story been on downhill for a while only kept reading it now because of Tobi. Now Obito is like some evil older Naruto.

hkgamer3633d ago

@Lord Sloth

Naruto and Sasuke is probably around 15 now. They could possibly beat anyone right now. Gaara is around the same age and he is keeping up with the other Kage's.

You could say Naruto and sasuke had people training them, but Ero-Sennin basically had trouble with the kyubi and orochimaru just wanted to take over sasuke.

I do believe that Tobi/masked man could be more than one person. If not then they probably messed up.

badz1493633d ago

Tobi being Obito is a bit predictable but at the same time equal to CRAPPY plot!

I'm still reading Naruto all these years because I can get it for free but c'mon how much crappier can you get?? the weakling Obito now suddenly a world changing villain? and he was suppose to be dead! how would Kakashi dare took his eye if he is going to live and well after THAT? that would be thievery! he GAVE Kakashi his eye for a good cause and now suddenly he's a super villain trying to conquer the world?

I can believe Orochimaru because he was an evil genius all along and Sasuke even because Konoha annihilated his whole clan but Obito? I really think that Kishi went too overboard with the plot and just throwing things into the plot to keep it alive! guess what, now we will have several episodes of Obito's flashbacks which will drag the story further! mission accomplished?

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Raikirii3633d ago

I agree with Adva. You're one of those, "if it isn't MY THEORY i'm going to cry and whinge and say i'm dropping the manga when in reality i'll keep reading".

listenkids3633d ago

It isn't my theory, because mine has logic.

The "current" take on what's happening doesn't add up, it's a giant plot hole and they are dumb enough to keep it.

It's not Obito, give it 3 weeks of "I took this body after blah blah"

Simon_Brezhnev3633d ago

Just so you know i never made a theory. I just didnt want him to be Obito. Then again you love to assume.

wishingW3L3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

you guys are taking his comment the wrong way. The issue here is that the story went the way we all knew it was gonna go... This was predicted by many fans years ago and that sucks. =/

when the 9-tails attacked the village Obito was already an adult while Kakashi and the others were still 13 years old kids. On top of it Obito was just like Naruto and to explain his change of heart will need some major convincing twists.

"after Obito was crushed by the boulder his mangekyou activated by itself and transported his body to the other dimension. AND on that other dimension time passes much faster..."

That's one of the theories made by fans many years ago to explain why Obito looked like an adult during the 9-tails attack and if turns out true this will be a huge disappointment. When a story becomes this predictable it means that the writer is not that good of a writer.

colonel1793633d ago

Could you please (or someone) refer me to the manga where Obito appears? Everybody remembers him except for me. I may have have amnesia or something or read the manga sleeping.

Which number is it? Well, maybe since it was a backstory I skipped it since there was a time where I did. So it might be it.

Biohazard88603633d ago

It's jut obito's body but with someone else soul and mind. thats what i'm thinking.

mamotte3633d ago

Not to be a fanboy, not to hate you or like you, but come on, it's naruto. Orochimaru can revive from a mole in somebody else's body. Surviving a rock and faking your age is a what they teach'em in the kindergarden.

Point is, I lost the searching of "logic" an "common sense" in that manga, Just wanna know how it'll end.

Arianit3632d ago

There are two different Tobis. The first Tobi was Madara Uchiha, the second one is Obito.
Madara knows Orochimaru (Naruto 560 Page 15)
Madara didnt die at The Valley of the End despite losing to Hashirama (Naruto 561 Page 8)
Madara knows Obito and they have a plan. Also Kabuto is unsure if Obito will act as planned. (Naruto 561 Page 9)
Madara knows Obitos plan(Infinite Tsukuyomi).(Naruto 562 Page 4)
Notice the height difference between Madara(first tobi) and Itachi and the height difference between Obito(second Tobi) and Itachi. (
& Naruto 590 Page 11)
So i guess Madara was Obitos mentor and there is no plot hole.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3634d ago

They should have gone with the unexpected rather than the expected. Even so I'm still interested to see how he became Tobi.

Raf1k13633d ago

Same here. Hopefully it's an interesting revelation.

auen13634d ago

i think the identity of who tobi was originally is somewhat less interesting than how he came to be the leader of the akatsuki and how he devised his plan.

i like the fact that it was obito simply because if it were someone else, it would have been much less dramatic since that individual would not have as much connection to the current cast of characters.

one person that was mentioned was someone like uchiha izuna; that simply would not make any sense. he'd be ancient, i don't know how he'd get the eternal mangekyo since his brother's eyes were already spent, and he'd have no real connection to anyone in any village.

Rai3633d ago

I wanna know who trained him. He got so powerful in a few years time, being able to control kyuubi and fight the fourth head on.

I had a feeling it was him a few years ago because of the right sharingan but when I saw him use izanagi and it revealed his left eye so I got confused.

Qrphe3633d ago

AAAAANNNNNDDDDDDDD how disappointing to know we've been right all along

Thanks Kishi

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