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The World Ends With You Director Hints at More Developments

In a recent interview given by Tatsuya Kando, director of the recently ported game The World Ends With You, he said that there are still "many more developments" still planned for the title beyond the iOS port.

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koga883858d ago

At the time of the iOS port announcement:

Japanese fans: Yay we can buy it again since we're used to doing that all the time with all the porting!

Western Fans: Why the iOS! It should have been a sequel!

mamotte3857d ago android release? A cameo in the third game from FF XIII? what joke will be this time?

Gekko3856d ago

Even though I have yet to play this series I can understand the disappointment of it being released for the iOS instead. I do hope it get's ported on to either of the handhelds: 3DS or Vita.