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Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre Review [Capsule Computers]

Michael Marr of Capsule Computers writes:

"While the notion of living creations is a theme commonly explored by anime and Disney movies alike, Rozen Maiden offers a unique gothic look into the concept of what it means to have free will. Ouvertüre is ultimately a DVD addition for the already existing fans of the series. As most modern narratives tell us, villains have to be developed, usually under tragic circumstances. To that effect, the story is enjoyable, if confusing to the newly initiated. Is it worth the watch? Given the relatively average quality of graphics and audio, this is definitely not a series for everyone. However, the story, if short, is enjoyable, but the final appeal will always lie in personal taste."

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koga882975d ago

Don't blame him for giving it a 6.5 for whatever reason he actually did. For the length of this stuff that is what you would usually see as an extra in a full series release, not an individual release for $30.

coaidant2974d ago

Not worth it in my mind