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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Review [Capsule Computers]

"JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD is certainly one of the odder fighting games you could pick up but those who do will find a story with some rather humorous elements and characters. With Capcom’s “HD” improvement to the title the graphics have seen a decent improvement and the online mode will please some despite the fact that it was given a bare-bones treatment.

Unfortunately the company chose poorly by placing a $20 price tag on a title that, ultimately, received barely any additions to keep gamers interested. There are many other, cheaper, fighters out there which improve upon what JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was known for, but for what it is worth gamers may find themselves drawn in by the crazy fighting styles and the game’s unique appeal."

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LinkageAX3850d ago

That JoJo guy is having a rather bizarre adventure...

koga883850d ago

Sad to see that Capcom pretty much just tried to cash-in on people's nostalgia with a junkie online mode and no other addition. They didn't even put out the best version of JoJo's...

coaidant3850d ago

They could of done so much more with this game, but they ruined it