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Sarah and La Mariposa show off their Dead or Alive 5 swimsuits

Tecmo Koei has revealed the swimsuits for some of the final female members of the Dead or Alive 5 cast, Sarah and La Mariposa (Lisa).

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LinkageAX3850d ago

Mariposa has some amazing legs! *drooools*

koga883850d ago

Hm, I wonder if that tomboy female character which they haven't officially revealed yet is going to Mila is going to be given a swimsuit too at this point. Tecmo Koei is really going all out on the fan service this time.

Darrius Cole3849d ago

What, a DOA character with a nice backside??? It's not flat as a board. They seemed to have listened. If they are going to rely so heavily on fan service then they may as well get the unrealistically perfect dimensions right. Maybe Hayashi isn't so bad after all.