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Review: Wind Waker – Link’s Logbook | Moar Powah

Moar Powah's Kaushik writes: "This week I’m reviewing a manga spin-off of the popular Legend of Zelda game, Wind Waker. This manga is pretty special in a few ways, but let’s get some basic information out of the way. It’s done by OYSTER, who I’ve never heard of (clicking through the other works he’s done though… I’m kind of glad I haven’t). It was released in 2002, and only one volume, and complete. That’s kind of interesting, considering Wind Waker was released in Japan in December of 2002, but I guess sometimes these manga can precede things. Anyway, one important fact about this manga is that it’s a 4koma. That means that the story is told in a series of 4 panel strips. That doesn’t mean that there ISN’T a significant plot (it loosely follows Windwaker’s plot), but its main focus, like most 4koma, is humor. It’s primarily a comedy piece. And boy, does it do it well!"

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