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Japanese Fans Rank America's Favorite Anime

In a new Biglobe non-scientific poll, Japanese anime fans took a general audience, non-otaku American listing of Top 30 anime, and re-ranked them based on their own preferences.

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GillHarrison2965d ago

Japanese don't seem to understand how popular Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo are in the West.

pompombrum2964d ago

Pokemon ranked number 2.. lulwut?

deep_fried_bum_cake2964d ago

That's what I was thinking, it's not a very good anime. No surprises seeing Americans putting Naruto as high as 3.

OmniSlashPT2964d ago

Mixing anime series with movies (and ghibli ftw) is like mixing Breaking Bad and GoT with The Godfather and TLOR. It doesn't make sense. Series are not movies. That's like comparing a video game to a TCG or a board game.

Btw, evangelion :3

EL Lanf2964d ago

I don't really see the point in this, take a small sample and you'll get different results among different demographics in one country, let alone multinational... It's also a bit moot, since they're only reranking those shows, on a complete scale, a Japanese 28 of those 30, could be a 300 or so.

There is a very heavy bias towards movies too, which I find odd, I never felt movies were a great medium for anime, episodic works much better.

imoutofthecontest2964d ago

The link isn't working for me =/
Getting a 404. Tried searching on Crunchyroll and din't fid it either.

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