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It’s Time For JRPGs To Get Rid Of English Voice Acting

Jason Schreier writes: "You ever get to that point in a Japanese role-playing game? You know. The point where you want to turn it off.

There you are, killing monsters and leveling up and minding your own business, when in comes a pair of tiny twins or a cackling rogue to ruin your day with voice acting that even Kristen Stewart would call hammy.

Voice acting is the worst."

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koga883845d ago

Just because you don't like the English voice acting sometimes doesn't mean everyone doesn't like it. English voice acting has gotten progressively better in video games in recent years, some people just can't get past their own little worlds.

colonel1793845d ago

If they only included subtitles it would be easier for the developers to bring more games to America an Europe. In my opinion is better to have the games in their own language, because that's how it was made.

I know there are some really well done voice overs in English, but I think they are just few of them. I wouldn't mind to have games from Japan to be brought with Japanese audio and subtitles.

Too bad is not going to happen, specially since Japanese developers are very stubborn to be like and make games just like the West.

koga883845d ago

While I did mention that people shouldn't just flat out drop English voice acting, it does help for certain companies and games to bring over games with subtitles only. Obviously more niche titles would be cheaper to bring to the West with only English subtitles. I can name at least four games now that would be great to see in the States, they just need English subtitles rather than a full dub and they would sell well.

Sort of like how NIS America only subs their anime to keep costs down, allowing them to license more and create a fancier release package.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3845d ago

Most Jrpgs Im fine with english voice acting. I Personally prefer hearing things in English for video games.