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8 Most Visually Striking Anime Productions

Lynzee Lamb:

Ah, two precious weeks left of summer before the season changes again. Those of you in temperate climates might be able to squeeze out some more sunshine over the course of the month, I however, will be preparing for the nine months of rain Washington pours in every year like clockwork.

This week's countdown works as a double-list of sorts. There was no way to list off the most visually striking works without mentioning the directors who led them. If you explore through ANN's encyclopedia enough, you'll notice that several directors in the list worked as staff members on other entries. There's certainly a creative community for artists thinking, or in this case drawing, outside of the box.

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wishingW3L3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Satoshi Kon. He died and he never finished his last movie which was looking like such a masterpiece. At least he left us Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent and Paprika. Your soul may rest in piece.... ;_;

cruxito3844d ago

wow whaaat?? are you serious> when did he passed away?
what was his last movie