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Japanese Fans Name the Anime All Otaku Should See

In a new Biglobe Anime Ranking poll, almost seven thousand fans responded to a question looking for the anime that anyone who likes anime should axiomatically see. Basically, if you're an anime watcher, you should naturally make it a point to see this anime. The poll aimed for a top 20, but purposefully allowed itself to stretch further. See what was picked after the jump.

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Lord_Sloth3844d ago

No Outlaw Star makes me sad.

wishingW3L3844d ago

K-On is so garbage is not even funny. I wouldn't even put that anime in Top 100!

hazelamy3844d ago

i'd have to add Wings of The Honneamise and Grave of The Fireflies.

they're not the most well known anime, but they are a couple of my favourites.

Wings is a great movie, there's not a lot of action but when there is some it's is beautiful, the flying scenes in particular are spectacular.

and Fireflies is one of the single most powerful films about the real cost of war i have ever seen.
but keep some tissues handy, because it will have you in tears.

TopDudeMan3844d ago

Yu yu hakusho and rurouni kenshin aren't even on the list yet pokemon is number 21? Don't like this list.

RurouniKaze3844d ago


The Battousai will claim the life of the idiot that wrote this shitty post

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The story is too old to be commented.