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Aniplex of America Reveals "Bakemonogatari" Blu-Ray Release Information

Aniplex of America has good news and very good news for Nisemonogatari fans. The SHAFT (Madoka Magica) adaptation of Nisio Isin's (Medaka Box) earlier supernatural story Bakemonogatari is headed to North American Blu-ray November 20th , 2012.

This deluxe Blu-ray Box Set features the entire series (15 TV episodes) on 6 Blu-ray discs, a deluxe 36-page booklet (production designs and Ending Card Illustrations and more!), audio commentary tracks by main characters, textless openings and endings, and more! All of the discs and bonus materials will be packaged inside a study rigid box featuring original illustration by Akio Watanabe (character design).

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koga883850d ago

While that is certainly a nice collector's edition... that is also damn expensive. This really isn't Japan people...

$150 (on sale) for a sub only anime is really over priced feeling. Sure the package looks nicer than what NIS America's premium editions look like but they keep their prices under $70 usually and you get the DVD and Blu-ray versions...

Tratious3849d ago

This is also Aniplex USA, an American subsidiary of a Japanese conglomerate, they are protecting their home market first, while also giving us a good release, so I feel that it is worth the price. You have to understand not all companies price their releases the same.

GillHarrison3849d ago

NIS America's premium packaging is the worst, where the hell am I supposed to fit it on a shelf. I do agree though, $150 is way overpriced for a show with only 12 episodes. I know the whole reverse importation fears, but it's still expensive for the Western market.

ExCest3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

How about 600 for 12? EDIT: maybe it was 400

Madoka says hello

I think clannad was even more.

koga883849d ago

NIS America's packages are oversized for sure, though they seem to fit in my shelves just fine. Reverse importation is a pain and Aniplex is one of the biggest examples of the wrong way to handle it.

deep_fried_bum_cake3850d ago

Why does it go to the bother of saying good news fr Nisemonogatari fans? Why not just Bakemonogatari fans?

Anyway, I want this but it's too expensive. I just rewatched Bakemonogatari over the last few days so that I'd remember stuff when watching Nisemonogatari. I'd forgotten how perverted Araragi is.


too bad is not dubbed, just wanted to watch it in english since i already saw it in sub