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Mila revealed for Dead or Alive 5 in leaked story trailer

A leaked video for Dead or Alive 5 has revealed a new female fighter to the series named Mila, a MMA based fighter.

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koga883844d ago

So... given Team Ninja's track record we will be seeing her in a swimsuit within the next two or three days.

mt3842d ago

never played dead or alive but is the game good in gameplay beside showing boobs. really.

koga883842d ago

Despite the focus on the breast physics and sweat this time around, Dead or Alive is one of the best 3D fighting games in the industry. I would say that it is superior to Tekken in that regard even.

Most fighters are easy to learn and even some combinations can be easy to pick up as well, though mastering the counter system can take some time. They have really put a lot of effort into making this Dead or Alive game one of the most action packed yet and from everything I've seen and played in the demo, it is a top contender for fighting game of the year so far.