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Gomu Gomu no Exhibition: Oda's exhibit to sail to Osaka

Japanator's Salvador G-Rodiles writes: "It's time to rejoice, One Piece fans of Osaka, because Oda's One Piece Exhibition is heading to your area from November 24th of 2012 to February 17th of 2013 at the Osaka Tempou Special Installation Gallery. The best part of this event is that there are going to be new exhibits that will be only be exclusive to Osaka, which will make up for the lack of the One Piece X Mado Lounge that was in the Ropponogi Hill exhibit.

Out of the images from the exhibit shown so far, I am really enjoying that One Piece Adventure Panorama Theater, since it shows a sweet presentation of Whitebeard and Shank's crew in one of the scenes. Taking into consideration on how great this event will be, I bet that this is only a small taste of what we can expect out of Oda's exhibit. "

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