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Berserk: The Egg Of The King Review | Capsule Computers

"Berserk: The Egg of the King is the first film in a series of films set in the Berserk universe. The franchise has existed previously as a manga and had an anime adaptation. The series follows the character Guts and his really big sword as they do battle as mercenaries. Berserk: The Egg of the King is one of the films set to feature at this years REEL Anime festival here in Australia by Madman Entertainment." - Capsule Computers

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futurefrog3619d ago

Berserk more like Broserk

GillHarrison3619d ago

Haha. Guts and Gritth bro-fist!

wishingW3L3619d ago

they ruined Berserk with these new crappy and cheaply made movies.

noprin3618d ago

why? as a berserk fan I think they are good
the first episode might not be as good as old anime,but it is still a good movie and its a great way for new people to know berserk

Whitefox7893618d ago

Just wait till the 2nd movie man, Guts vs. 100 man fight.

How could you not like that?

I'm still looking forward to when the Eclipse happens seeing Guts kick so much demon ass is awesome.