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Review: Tales of Vesperia | Moar Powah

Laevatein: "If there’s one thing I dread, it’s my backlog. My backlog is like the unbeatable secret boss of my hobby. I’m never forced to fight it, but if I do, it’s not something that I will easily fell. Most prominent on the massive conglomerate is Tales of Vesperia, a game that I regrettably abandoned when I migrated to PS3 land. Though I was only about halfway through, it was probably the one game I still wanted to play and finish on the 360. With firm resolve, however, I finally managed to take my 360 out from storage, with the intent of finishing up Vesperia. Well, I did actually manage to finish it. After a great deal of thinking, I’m not so sure I should have taken it out of storage…"

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