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Hunter x Hunter Episode 47 Impressions | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Welcome to my weekly Hunter x Hunter episode impressions. This week, I go through episode 47 of the 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter. What did I think of the episode? Watch below to find out."

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masterabbott3842d ago

This Luke bloke knows his shit!

futurefrog3842d ago

Yeah I can agree with that

gaffyh3842d ago

Why does he always say Hunter Hunter, when the anime is called Hunter X Hunter? Even when he did that 2011 vs original episode he actually said the X, and normally never says it. It just sounds stupid saying Hunter Hunter, even if that is the way you are meant to say it.

On topic - This was such a great episode, absolutely love this series. I wish they remake other old anime.

futurefrog3842d ago

this was the best episode of Hunter x Hunter to date no doubt, the torture scene was beautifuL!!

Simon_Brezhnev3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Yeah it was one of the best. Seriously though i cant even call Hunter X Hunter a shounen its more like a seinen.

I wish Yoshihiro Togashi would start working on Hunter X Hunter again. I hope he's not sick or nothing.

Hell even the animation was pretty damn good i must say. This should be up there with One Piece in the top 3.

coaidant3842d ago

this is such a good show, but it's so werid

futurefrog3842d ago

In what way do you mean it is weird? It is a very good show though

coaidant3842d ago

Yeh it's good but it's just so strange, but i guess that's why it's such a good show

Simon_Brezhnev3842d ago

I was looking at the director Hiroshi Kōjina. He did some shows i loved like Kiba(underrated) and Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin. By his resume i can tell he doesnt mind showing deaths. lol