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Anime Say! Episode 19 - Bored of Sword Art Online?

Luke Halliday writes:

"Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! This week, I dive into a topic that will most likely make many people cranky, whether Sword Art Online is a good series or not."

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futurefrog2996d ago

Sword Art Online bores me to tears. What do you guys think?

gaffyh2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Thing is, a lot of people don't like character development too much. I agree that the pacing is a little strange, but that does not mean that SAO is hard to follow. I love it because when it is good, it is really good, for example the Blue-Eyed Demon episode was awesome.

Then this latest episode was all about character development, which was a bit boring for the most part, but it's there for those who have a problem with having no character development.

All you really need to know about Kirito's character was explained in the arc where Sachi dies. After that he decided to be a solo player and increased his levels. I don't really understand what more you need to know. They're playing a game, and progressing, simple as that really.

There is a lot they just expect you to know though, for example it seems like if a Boss is defeated, all players can progress through to the next level, but that isn't explained at all.

coaidant2996d ago

Yeah it's a pretty interesting series

futurefrog2996d ago

he is saying that it is boring did you even watch the video LOL

LinkageAX2996d ago

What SAO is pretty much doing is showing you all the important bits that are happening to the characters. Imagine what the series would be like if it showed the entire two years of the players grinding to reach level cap. 500 episodes of grinding boars? No thanks.

It sounds like you'd rather the series be your typical shonen fair where a bad guy pops up and in the same episode you learn why he's a dick.

futurefrog2996d ago

Sure it shows the important bit but sometimes the in between parts help you to get to know the characters outside of the major occurences. I dunno I agree with him.

LinkageAX2996d ago

Have you met an MMORPG player before? Trust me you're probably seeing them at their most personable in the stories we're seeing.

Darrius Cole2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I haven't read the manga and I won't, I prefer to watch.

I believe that SAO is about episode 10, 11, or 12 as of today (Sep 17, 2012). If the guy in the video is correct and this is just a 26 episode anime (give or take a few) then I agree with the him. This has not been paced well.

So far I'm loving it. But I can tell from what I have been shown so far, that it will need more than another 15 or so episodes to tell me a complete story. We still haven't had the major villain to show himself, other than the one appearance where he told everyone that they were trapped. Right now I have to assume that was the primary villain.

It looks to me like SAO needs FAR MORE than 25 episodes to tell its story. It needs at least 50 based on what I have seen so far. If people are correct and that they have skipped over things then maybe SAO really needs even more than 50 episodes.

It sounds like an issue of budgeting to me. I would guess that the suits told them that they had money for 25-ish episodes and they are trying to pick the best pieces to fit within that time-frame. But there is too much material so some good stuff has to get cut.

abc12332996d ago

"We still haven't had the major villain to show himself, other than the one appearance where he told everyone that they were trapped."

Oh yeah? How do you know? :p The series has been pretty good so far in my opinion, action is awesome and it cuts to the important bits which is good for me

shadowraiden2996d ago

Give the series time it may be starting out slow but thats because they are trying something different with their adaptation of the manga.

In the manga it doesnt show alot of this stuff and most of what were seeing are flashbacks the characters have.
while the anime is trying to go through showing from the earliest point we see the characters and everything that happens so then when it gets to the true manga story(and not just the flashbacks shown) we have already gone through all the past so it hopefully should make their decisions more understandable.

wether this will work is another matter and so as i say wait and see.

Darrius Cole2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I don't read the manga, and I'm not going spoil the anime by doing so.

But if they are doing it way you say then I think that is a good thing, if it is being written by the original author. This way we get meaningful character development that still fits within the story and helps us to understand the characters AND ALLOWS THE CHARACTERS TO PROGRESS ALONG THE WAY.

The alternatives would be the enter a Naruto styled "filler-hell" every so often. The only other alternative would be to periodically go into a Bleach styled filler-arc, which I found to be better than Naruto filler but you can still tell that the Bleach filler refused to allow the characters to advance.

So if my choices are 1)the SAO way, 2)the Naruto way, and 3)the Bleach way, then I choose #1.

3-4-52996d ago

I love the show...except last night's episode. # 11.

It was the only one that was boring.

All the others actually make you stop and think a bit.