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Naruto Storm – Top 5 Guest Characters We Dream to See

Saiyan Island lists five characters not from the Narutoverse they'd like to see in the Naruto Storm games.

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tayz3841d ago

i agree with all of these! specially the guy in the AS pic! hehehehehe

crxss3840d ago

definitely a great list. goku's a little much though

Zefros3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Sorry but goku in the game... I don't want to see a light goku, goku would just rape everyone, he would make madara, hashirama and all the tailed beasts his pets...

Simon_Brezhnev3840d ago

I agree nobody in Naruto can touch goku. I dont care what jutsus they do.

deep_fried_bum_cake3840d ago

The could probably balance it is it was Goku from Dragonball and not Goku from Dragonball Z.

NastyDaddeh3840d ago

how about yusuke urameshi

Simon_Brezhnev3840d ago

Even tho i dont like Natsu i can see him being put into it. Reason it would be hard because of all them copyright issues in japan.

The rest of the list i cant see it happing.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3840d ago

Natsu's Awakened should be dragon force. Muigetsu is Overkill maybe a hollowfied cero. And Goku would tear everyone apart.

I was thinking maybe Ryu Hyabusa, Blackstar from Soul eater, and Masamune Date or Yukimura Sanada from sengoku Basara.

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