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Rumor: Naruto and Sasuke ending up as a couple in the manga?

Toki Nakamura:

Even despite the fact that author Kishimoto has alleged his love of Shounen-ai, I'm still taking it with a grain of salt, because of the decisions that would be involved for the pairing to happen.

This rumor has been making quite the rounds on fansites and deviantart, it originated on a miniconference in ExpoAnimeUSA held in 2009, when the author gave an interview, and is now circulating again given that the manga is nearing an end in maybe a year or so.

The author allegedly indicated his love of Shounen-ai and that NaruSasu was his favorite pairing. He even collects doujinshi and fanfics.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3721d ago

It only makes sense that they should end up together. I mean they were each others first kiss and Sasuke is a total tsundere, Naruto will melt his icy heart.

DarkBlood3721d ago

so 2 dudes huh o.o wow i must of missed a ton of storys theres no way i could of seen this coming

NewMonday3720d ago

actually it is the most predictable outcome, that is why it wont happen

nilamo3720d ago

Just like tobi couldn't possibly be obito right.. Right?

Lucretia3720d ago

well its was pretty apparent they were in love. i always said they were into dudes and each other and i was right!

Lord_Sloth3721d ago

No. Everybody blurs the lines of friendship, rivalry, and love anymore.

Kishi's been pissing me off enough as it stands lately. This would be the final straw.

koga883721d ago

Honestly wouldn't even be a surprise anymore at this point. He freaking spends more time worrying about a "friend" who has tried to kill him multiple times already without caring who he hurt in the process.

It's Naruto's whole obsession, his dream isn't even to be a Hokage at this point it is to be lovers with Sasuke. Not to mention the fact that Hinata confessed her feelings during the Pain fight and he completely blew her off since then.

hazelamy3721d ago

Littlekuriboh was right? ^_^

Archaic3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I don't see this rumor having any credibility whatsoever. The only sites I find even talking about this conference are people talking about this rumor. I can't even find a website for this supposed conference. I find it somewhat unlikely that a major author would go to a minor conference in the USA, and actually give an interview, and that this would not have been major news.

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The story is too old to be commented.