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Toki to Towa English release coming in 2013

imageepoch's CEO Ryoei Mikage took to Twitter to respond to an English question from a Western fan of Toki to Towa regarding the possible release of Toki to Towa in the West.

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koga883841d ago

Definitely glad to see this coming overseas, though I still don't like how stiff some of the animations look. I guess having fluid movement and a game that looks like a pure anime show don't go hand in hand.

frjoethesecond3840d ago

It's a step in the right direction. If it's popular enough it might be perfected down the line.

deep_fried_bum_cake3841d ago

I'm split over whether I want this. The gameplay looks like it could be awkward, but I can also usually look past weird gameplay. Tough decision, but I will probably get it.

byeGollum3840d ago

I'm so glad :) I want to play this game, even tho' it'll take forever to release, at least I know it's coming.