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Semper Fi: Strike Witches creator makes Marine Corps Yumi

Josh Tolentino:

Boy, otaku sure do love their moe moe military manga! Maybe it's the juxtaposition of hyper-cute girls on the hyper-masculine world of the armed services. Or maybe they like girls in many uniforms. Either way, it's a thing, and Strike Witches mega-fan Takeshi Nogami's written another entry into the big book of military personifications.

Titled Marine Corps Yumi, the webcomic involves a schoolgirl named Yumi who joins the Marine Corps of the United States of "Amerigo". Hilarity ensues. Nogami himself is famous for his work with Strike Witches historical advisor (yes, they had a historical advisor!) Takaaki Suzuki on The Witch of Andorra, an officially sanctioned Strike Witches dojinshi based on the Battle of Andorra in World War II. You can check out an English translated version of that here.

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