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Denpa Kyōshi Manga to be Animated

The Denpa Kyoushi – He Is the Ultimate Teacher manga by Takeshi Azuma will be getting its very own anime commercial adaptation. This is a story about a true otaku and his job as a high-school teacher. Announcement came in the latest issue of the magazine it’s been published in – Weekly Shounen Sunday.

According to the announcement, seiyuu and other details for the upcoming ad will be released in the Weekly Shounen Sunday’s 44th issue. The project is taken by A-1 Pictures.

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koga883839d ago

Talk about the most misleading thing ever, it's not getting an anime series, it's getting an "animated" ad. Though I think this series will definitely be getting a full blown anime sometime soon, its only around 40 chapters in so it may be premature.

deep_fried_bum_cake3839d ago

I clicked on this very excited about the title, only to be let down. I really want an anime for this series but you're right about it being a bit soon.