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TGS 2012: Gravity Rush is Game of the Year, sequel teased

Josh Tolentino:

I'm of the view that Gravity Rush is, and remains, one of the best games on the PS Vita, and worth a play, regardless of what you think of it in the end. Destructoid's Jim Sterling might not have cared for it as much, but it seems whoever was in charge of handing out awards at TGS this year held a contrary opinion, because they named it Game of the Year.

That's reason enough for director Keiichi Toyama of Sony Studio Japan to celebrate on Twitter, but fans got an extra reason to be excited when he responded that he'd "do his best on the sequel". When pressed for more, he said that it was all a secret, but hey, with a GotY in hand there's quite an incentive to try again. Consider Gravity Rush 2 practically confirmed.

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