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Naruto Storm 3: Over 72 Playable Characters

If Saiyan Island has understood the brand new interview correctly from popular Japanese website Famitsu with the president of CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, Naruto Storm 3 will have over 72 playable characters.

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tayz3831d ago

i hope over 72 means over 100!! *goes in deep thoughts*


Yi-Long3830d ago

... so that's good, considering many of those were 'doubles' (although luckily looking and playing differently).

I hope to see Omoi and Karui, cause I like their design. :)

tayz3829d ago

ya there were like 25 doubles

maximus19853829d ago

yeahhhh!!! all i want to know is how far this one will go. I really hope it goes up to madara appearance at least

kingPoS3829d ago

And I thought Tekken tag 2 had a huge roster. O_o
Their really trying to cram the whole cast in aren't they.