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Steins;Gate: Complete Series Part One Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Steins;Gate does a great job sinking its claws into the viewer with Part 1 and doesn’t let go throughout the first twelve episodes. While slowly introducing the time travel logic used in the show and the various alternate realities that spring from the group’s actions, viewers will grow invested in the intriguing storyline and the characters themselves. With an impressive presentation, top-notch voice work and a story that will leave viewers begging for Part 2, Steins;Gate is an anime that simply should not be missed."

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koga883835d ago

Haha, it wouldn't be a time travel show without a Back to the Future reference huh? Even an anime time travel themed show has them at this point...

LinkageAX3835d ago

I really need to get around to finishing this series.

futurefrog3835d ago

im curious how they will dub the bit where okabe speaks english to the black guy

koga883834d ago

They'll probably just re-dub over it as the voice work between the Japanese voice actor and the English voice actor is quite different. Probably easiest for them to just do that anyways.