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Purr in delight: Nekomonogatari (Black) getting an anime

Time to rejoice, fans of all things -monogatari, because yet another installment of the favored -monogatari property, Bakemonogatari, is on its way. Not content to animate Nisemonogatari (Bakemonogatari's 2nd season) some months ago, as well as work on the vampiric prequel movie Kizumonogatari (due late this year), they've announced that they're going to animate Nekomonogatari (Black), set for sometime next year, with a preview scheduled for December 29th.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3828d ago

Well I'm excited. Hopefully it's more like Bakemonogatari than Nisemonogatari, in that it will lack weird incestuous tooth brushing.

The fact that it's a prequel though will no doubt mean there is no (or at least very little) Senjogahara which will be disappointing as she's my favourite character.