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Toonami Expands to Six Hours

Good news for anime fans who still have cable service. Jason DeMarco, VP of strategic marketing for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, revealed on Twitter that starting next week, the Toonami programming block "expands to 6 hours from midnight-6am, without repeating from 3a-6a."

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iamlegend99992750d ago

Good. Got tired of looking at the repeats. Now if only if they can do that for adult swim.

Romudeth2750d ago

SYM-BIONIC TITAN isn't exactly "anime" is it?

MEsoJD2749d ago

It was never only about anime...

wishingW3L2749d ago

this is exactly why people stopped watching Toonami back in the day. The idiots are repeating the same mistakes!

Darrius Cole2749d ago

Exactly what mistakes are you talking about?

Smokeeye1232749d ago

Adding new shows instead of repeats. TRUE fans love watching the same episode twice in a 4 hour period.

Darrius Cole2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Well, I can't really speak for Toonami because I didn't really watch it. I did most of my watching on Adult Swim. I stopped watching adult swim when they started showing American cartoons. There is a very big difference between a Japanese anime and an American cartoon. And I don't believe that Adult Swim knew that, or at least they forgot it.

American cartoons are not made for adults unless they are funny. I didn't then and don't now watch anime looking for funny stuff. I watch anime because it tells stories that touch on lots of different emotions and can not be told in live-action movie and television because the technology is not advanced enough to be cost-effective.

Also it seems that Japanese story tellers are just willing to go places that Americans will not go, dark places like Death Note and Blood Plus, or to obscure love stories like Chobits. I don't think we couldn't have gotten Ghost in the Shell out of comic/cartoon making outfit. Lastly, I don't think American animation will catch-up with Japanese anime until American animators/story tellers are willing to "go there."

wwm0nkey2749d ago

Toonami was never all about anime, I really hope you know that.

Deadpool6162749d ago

That's great! It's a shaky start, but Toonami is starting to pick up some steam.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2749d ago

This good news I didnt catch all of sym biotic titan or thundercats when it was on.

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