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Naruto Shippuden October Anime Schedule

October's anime schedule for Naruto Shippuden

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tayz3827d ago

the first two episodes cover 4 chapters!?! hell to the ya!! i wish the whole month was canon. i think next month Naruto joins the war!! unless they wait until January and for the rest of the year they do like one episode features on war characters. i gues that wont be to obad but we are pretty ahead now.

WeskerChildReborned3825d ago

Yep i just hope they get to Madara so he can be playable in NUNS3.

pompombrum3825d ago

O god please don't do it like that.. each month mixing canon with filler.. that sounds terrible. I'm glad they are trying to do good fillers though but the last episode seeing Konoha's mums whack sumo wrestlers with pans SUCKED.