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Naruto Storm 3: Kakashi, Lee, 7 Swordsmen in Hack & Slash Mode

Lee and Kakashi are confirmed playable.

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tayz3829d ago

wooosh!!!! i love it!! more playable in hack and slash yaa!!

iamlegend99993829d ago

Maybe storm 3 won't be a half assed game like generations. Guess we gotta wait.

deep_fried_bum_cake3828d ago

I would say Generations was a pointless game, as it is just a gap filler between 2 and 3, but I wouldn't call it half assed.

iamlegend99993828d ago

There's already proof. Masked Man jutsu. How do you miss such a big glitch?

tayz3828d ago

Storm 3 is the true sequel to Storm 2... thats why it's numbered :)

Generations was good but it was just to make $$$. Expect Generations 2 next year lol.