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Deadman Wonderland: The Complete Series Review |

"Young Ganta’s ordinary life is rent asunder when a monstrous being he calls “the Red Man” slaughters his entire class and all of his friends. Falsely accused of the murders, Ganta’s sentenced to the amusement park of horrors known as Deadman Wonderland, where the condemned battle each other in front of paying audiences. But as ghastly as Deadman Wonderland is on the surface, it’s even worse underneath, as Ganta finds he has powers which are of special interest to the sadists who pull the levers behind the scenes.

The violence, bloodshed, gore, and torment quotient of this show makes for supremely uncomfortable viewing. Matters aren’t helped by the way a disturbing amount of the torment is focused on children."

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deep_fried_bum_cake3313d ago

It sounds like this guy saw "Wonderland" and expected gumdrops and fairies.

DivineHand1253313d ago

For an anime such as this the lowest a score should go is 3.5/5

Simon_Brezhnev3313d ago

Well the anime wasnt all that. I bet most people couldnt stand how much of a coward Ganta is. I mean every episode he whined or cried. For an adult audience who wants to see some lil kid whine all the time.

deep_fried_bum_cake3313d ago

In the context of the anime he had to be. He saw his classmates and best friends slaughtered and then was sent to prison falsely.

Add to that that the prison is a very cruel, dangerous place and his emerging powers which he has to harness or die.

If he was one of those Naruto type characters which are all cockiness and bravado then it would have made for a very crap anime.

Simon_Brezhnev3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Yeah i know but it got really annoying and its not all about cockiness its about adapting. Ganta, Yukki, and Shu was probably my most hated characters last year.

yaz2883312d ago

great anime.. The first episode was the bomb!! later episodes however lacked that quality and thats why I was a bit disappointed.. for a 13 episode I expected more ..