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Final Impressions: Nakaimo | Japanator

Jeff Chuang:

When I first came into NakaImo, or Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru, we know what we're dealing with: an anime about sister-like romantic interests. What we didn't expect was this intriguing whack-a-mole about not getting it on with your actual sister, nor is it clear that why the story is more preoccupied with twists and turns in regards to who is really the sister of the main character, Shougo Mikadono. The whole point of the show, in a way, is about how he reacted to the claim that his illegitimate half-sister is trying to get into his pants. The focus on the incest-free options is largely lacking except in a couple cases. I suppose that's all about focusing on the target audience, after all.

Admittedly Shougo has taken that fact much better than I could, and that's a major saving grace for NakaImo. If anime made from visual novels gave us straight and narrow, if boring, harems, anime made from light novels are driven by its quirky characters and fast-paced t...

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