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Kodansha Comics manga titles come to JManga

We've been watching the growth of digital manga service JManga with interest over the course of the year so far, seeing them pick up some notable titles (such as YuruYuri) and with the promise of iOS and Android apps in their near future.

In another major step towards becoming one of the go to places for digital manga (particularly here in the UK where we're poorly served by other outlets), the company has now announced that they will be the digital home of a number of titles from Kodansha Comics, in particular series that were formerly published by Del Ray that are now no longer in print.

As a result, you can now find a number of notable titles being added to the JManga store to be previewed, purchased and read, including School Rumble, Princess Resurection, Pumpkin Scissors and more!

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Archaic3225d ago

It's about time. =) That's certainly a very big step, and I think that's going to be enough to get me actually buying several of these. Presuming that the reviews of the translation quality are good, anyway.