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Anime Yume: My favorite and least favorite anime cliches

Yumeka writes: "As much as we love anime, there’s no denying that the medium is, for better or worse, full of cliches. But as I’ve mentioned in past posts, this isn’t always a bad thing; I’m of the opinion that a cliche doesn’t necessarily equal poor writing if it carries out an appealing cliche well or adds something memorable to it. Not only does anime have its own set of unique cliches not found in other mediums, but because it caters to a lot of different genres, it naturally has cliches to match all kinds of tastes. We all have our anime cliches we like and don’t like, so today I’d like to look at my favorite and least favorite ones."

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deep_fried_bum_cake3221d ago

I actually agree with most of this list, but I don't agree with the macho characters bit. I love those guys.

Gekko3220d ago

Interesting list. One of my least favourite anime clichés happens to be the third one as well; which involves pointless romancing between a character from the opposite sex but I've learnt that it can be pretty funny if it's done right (a good example being in Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate)

Other than that, I don't really mind any others apart from 99% of the time the guys in romance anime ends up with the first girl that they see or like. It's come to the point that it's become pretty predictable to guess who they'll end up with.

Simon_Brezhnev3220d ago

I hate the cliche in romances where the guy loses his memory in some damn accident. 10 years later he meet a girl that knows him but he forgets and all of a sudden they fall in love.

deep_fried_bum_cake3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

That sounds kinda specific. Does that actually happen a lot?

Okay, I don't watch too many harem anime so that would explain why it seems strange to me.

Simon_Brezhnev3220d ago

It happens a lot in harem anime.

Gekko3220d ago

That reminds me of this anime called Myself ; Yourself, where the same thing happens but with a didn't-see-that-coming twist at the end.

The 'forgetting about childhood marriage promise' is also pretty common in harem anime.

Gekko3220d ago

It was actually called sola, my bad.