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Inumarudashi's Ōishi Starts Chū-2-Shin Attēna Manga

Manga creator Kōji Ōishi (Inumarudashi—, Maison de Penguin) launched a new mini-series in this year's 45th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump magazine on Thursday. The manga, titled Chū-2-Shin Attēna, will run for three installments in the magazine. In the gag manga, the Olympian goddess Athena decides to enroll in a second-year middle school class in Japan, and chaos ensues.

Ōishi ended his 11-volume Inumarudashi— gag manga in the sibling magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in June. The manga inspired a Flash anime project starring Yu Kobayashi and Haruna Kondō in 2011.

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