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Square Enix Defends The Surprisingly High Pricing of Their iOS/Android Games

Jason Schreier writes: "Over the past few years, Square Enix has become something of a force in mobile gaming. The big Japanese publisher, best known for making console role-playing games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, has also found success making solid games for tablets and phones. Some of them are ports of old classics; others are new, original experiences. Many are excellent.

But Square has also faced a ton of criticism for their unorthodox pricing model. Fans have called it the "Square Enix Tax" — to play their games, you'll have to pay a premium. Two of Square's most recent releases—Final Fantasy Dimensions and Demons' Score—cost $30 and $44, respectively, to play in their entirety. Ports of old games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy III both cost $17-18."

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