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Naruto Chapter #605 "Hell" Review - The Nerd Cabinet

The Nerd Cabinets Joey Hancock brings you his thoughts on the latest chapter of Naruto.

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wishingW3L3303d ago

this is one chapter that will be better on the anime. There was lots of action and killing.

Xof3302d ago

I dunno. After I read the Invasion of Pain arc, I thought, "Holy crap! This will be so awesome to see animated!"

...And it was not.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3303d ago

Its now one of my favorite chapters. It explained a few things but gave us a few more questions. Such as what exactly is Rins's importance ,or is she a spy?

Kalowest3303d ago

"Obito and Kakashi both awakening their Mangekyo Sharingan as Kakashi killed Rin but I’m still here wondering how Obito achieved his"
Obito witnessing Rin getting killed awakened both eyes(his and kakashi).

shadowraiden3302d ago

im guessing its that the eyes are linked since its obito's eye and that the mangekyo is shared between the eyes so when one awakens it awakens the other.

Saviior953302d ago

You sir, Just blew my mind.

Kalowest3302d ago

If you think about it, it's the most logically explanation.

Saviior953302d ago

Would people like this as a weekly review? as i can get them too you each wednesday :D