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Quick reminder: Three Macross shows are streaming on Hulu

Salvador G-Rodiles:

I know that it's only been two years since the original Macross series was announced to be streaming on Hulu, but today is special. Since we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the franchise throughout this week, I have decided to remind you all that Hulu is streaming three different Macross titles.

While it's not the entire franchise, Hulu is streaming the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross series, along with the Macross Plus OVA and the alternate movie known as Macross II. And as Tim said in his post two years ago, "If you fail to watch it, then you are missing out on one of the best anime series of all time." However, this statement only applies to the original Macross, which makes the other two shows optional. To those who can't access Hulu, you will all be forgiven.

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