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"Steins;Gate" Adds New Character In Upcoming Novel

Meet Maho Hiyajo, voiced by Sayuri Yahagi (Kaya Miyoshi from Bakuman, Izumi Segawa from Hayate the Combat Butler). 5pb and Nitroplus' science adventure franchise Steins;Gate will be continued in new novel/audio drama Steins; Gate: Heijikyokusen (Closed Curves) no Epigraph in November, then Eigoukaigi (Eternal Recurrence) no Pandora this winter.

The canonical story plotted by Chiyomaru Shikura and written by Masashi Takimoto (novel) and Tooru Yasumoto(audio drama) is set in the Beta timeline's year 2010. It introduces this new character as the as a Japanese American university associate (senpei) of Kurisu Makise and expert in neuroscience/artificial intelligence.

Other new characters include Mayuri Shiina's relative from the year 2036 Kagari Shiina and a pair of her contemporary cosplay companions, as well as new figures from the series' academic world.

There is fan speculation that the books/audio drama will tie into the upcoming Steins;Gate anime movie.

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